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VR Content Creation / Rides & Attractions / Games & 3D Assets / Metaverse / Custom Experiences
Hand-crafted Assets...
When Art Direction and superb Technical Artistry are a MUST. Create custom 3D assets as part of a larger development project or choose for only a handful of key items to bring your experience to the next level. Swap skins, add animations, VFX and game mechanics.
Striker VR - Maverick Blaster Assets
Gaming assets created for the Maverick SDK. Fire a Ballzooka, take a shot with the crossbow, or create a new blaster inspired by the original. From concept to production, these assets were delivered with various VFX, game mechanics and LODs. Unity and Unreal.
... Made with Love
A'DAM Tower VR Adventure Ride
A wild adventure ride through the heart of Amsterdam. Hundreds of custom assets and detailed environments created for one of the world's most iconic cities.
Scheveningen VR Adventure Ride
Another wild ride with attention to detail. Explore the popular beach town Scheveningen, get caught up in a tornedo and chased by sharks. What could possibly come next?
(and attention to detail)
Rides & Attractions
Delight your guests with a wild experience mixing realism with stunning VFX or create a complete fantasy world for your guests to explore. Design for a passive experience -- or add some gamification and other interactive elements -- now you're really cooking with fire!
VR for rides, attractions & motion simulators
Underwater VR Attraction for LBE
Amsterdam VR Ride for LBE
Beach front VR Ride for LBE
Game Development
Pick your genre: Action, sports, shoot-em-up's, puzzle or horror. Combine it with story, killer graphics and interesting game mechanics. We'll concept the game along side you from scratch or assist your team where there's a talent gap in your team.
RevolVR 3 LBE
Top: Battle Magic LBE
Bottom: Killer Tennis LBE
Various Internal Concepts
Worlds & Environments
Meet. Collaborate. Review and co-design projects, sell complex products or give live trainings. Entertain and educate groups with organised events. Re-use your digital basecamp for recurring events. Imagine all those times when you had to meet remotely; but video calls didn't quite fit the bill. Join us for a virtual tour that will open your mind to the possibilities.
Morpheus XR Metaverse Platform
Various Worlds and Mini Games
Huawei Collaborative Trainings
Guided Meditations
You're in good hands
It can be overwhelming to choose which hardware, platform or head-set is best for your specific use-case. Or perhaps there may be questions on how to deploy or distribute your experience in an optimal way. As we define a project together, we can give guidance on how to best implement different tech based on your situation: the various pros and cons between the choices and figure out what matters most: how to make it most accessible and memorable for your guests, clients or audience.
Meet the Core Team
Natalie Taylor /
CEO, General Director
Natalie's an experienced business developer and consultant who has delivered ambitious projects for enterprise and SMB's alike. She's a business leader & spokesperson for Extra Axis, spreading our values, philosophy and practices. Follow Natalie on LinkedIn.
Alex's creative direction focuses on achieving great outcomes with less resources through R&D and dynamic resource management. He has completed hundreds of XR and non-XR projects during his career, spanning over 15 years.
Max is a seasoned production professional, leading the Extra Axis production team under the brand JetXR. Before going into XR, he had been active as a go-to-market CTO, ensuring quick delivery with focus on the business outcome.
Alex Markin /
Creative Director
Max Karmaskih /
Head of Production
Frank's a serial entrepreneur with 25 years experience in FMCG. With a rich history of go-to-market, brand activations and new product development, he helps brands navigate the new direction needed to pursue a digital strategy.
Frank van Bokhorst
Chief of Business Development
Ready? Let's Go!
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You have a great idea. Maybe even a rough idea that could change how you do business. And you want to check out what's involved in VR and content creation — and if it's worth getting off the ground. We hear you — Drop us a line!

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