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Principles of work
General values
We always strive for measurable success criteria even if highly experimental.
Only work with people who need what we do
VR is not as large as, say, FMCG. But we believe in it, love it and want to connect our lives to it, inspire others and get more people into VR.
Do what we love and love what we do
Clear alignment upfront to define success criteria, budgets, deliverables and deployment strategies. Always straightforward pricing and deliverables.
Never charge empty money
Even though we respect the group goals of our clients, we also value the individual goals of stakeholders. That's why our clients often become our friends and long-term business partners.
Work with individuals, even within companies
Projects we do
We read, talk with others, learn from our clients and experiment. We take our clients and colleagues advice on board and have open communication to try to push each VR experience to the very best it can be.
Always entertaining
VR without criteria of success or failure is meaningless for us. Obviously some projects underperform, but we always need to know even if they do.
Measurable goals
We read, talk with others, learn from our clients and experiment. We will never call ourselves 'experts'.
Always be learning
Financials & timing
A thorough pre-production phase is a must for us. We plan in as many details as possible to ensure that the scope is very well defined and expectations on both sides are understood. The result? Visually stunning and effective VR experiences.
Fixed fee for a fixed scope
Even if a project sidetracks, we'll always know in advance and offer a contigency startegy. And naturally, we always try to deliver with no issues whatsoever.
No surprises
A meticulous pre-production phase is how we always operate. Good planning is always more effective than decision-making in production. We start creating a "Go-Live" plan – right at the beginning -- even before the project is officially kicked-off.
Plan in advance
We never pretend to be all-knowing agency types heavily resting upon our clients' expertise, ideas and experience. We co-create experiences together, blending our expertise to create the best possible experience.
Clients know their business better than we do
VR is a holistic genre where graphics, cognition, body and data must always be aligned. We always co-create with clients and even experts from outside of the VR field.
Our ideas are not necessarily the best
Whatever all of us may think, the people actually using VR are the most important people and at the heart of our concepting.
End customers are always a measure of success
Get in touch
We are always eager to meet new people even if there are no immediate business opportunities. Feel free to write us if you are a VR person or just curious.
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