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Client: Never Bored
Crafted by JetXR and published by NeverBored, Battle Magic is a strategic multiplayer magic game. It's now available in 1000+ VR parks around the world and coming to thousands more. This family-friendly low-resource game is hopefully first of many in the Battle Magic franchise.
Battle Magic
Production by JetXR
Client: A'DAM VR
Arguably the most realistic virtual reality ride in the world, this attraction invites visitors of the ADAM VR park to take a journey around Amsterdam.With the added thrill of wind machines and a moving mechanical platform, the 300 km/h flight is an unforgettable event for most tourists. Also there are dragons.
Amsterdam Rollercoaster
Production by JetXR
Client: Never Bored
This VR title published by Never Bored is available for home and LBE (VR parks) all around the world. The game is a shooter staged in the robotic version of Wild West. It was informed by data from 3M+ plays of the previous LBE instalment. This VR title published by Never Bored is available for home and LBE (VR parks) all around the world.
RevolVR 3
Production by JetXR
A highly-awarded educational VR website telling a story of the White Tower, a famous constructivist building. A non-VR version of the website is there, too, albeit admittedly much less spectacular.
WebVR site for the White Tower
Production by JetXR
Client: Huawei
A large training platform intended to speed up handling of Huawei 5G equipment. Huawei keeps adding features to the platform so that it becomes an all-encompassing VR training platform.
Huawei VR training simulator
Production by JetXR
A very unique VR setup targeted at those who can't dive due to physical or mental restraints. A person is placed into a small pool using a specialised rig and given a VR headset to experience the underwater reality.
VR under water
Production by JetXR
Client: KnowFlow
A VR and MR version of KnowFlow—JetXR's very own knowledge planning system—is now available internally for manipulating project data, brainstorming, planning and related activities.
Knowledge planning in VR and MR
Production by JetXR
An app to train the sexiest skill in the known galaxy—salsa! Match the steps and steadily become the master of salsa in the privacy of your own home. The app starts slow and becomes more challenging as you learn the moves.
Salsa training in mixed reality
Production by JetXR
Tons of smaller augmented reality projects from our own corporate posters to a fully interactive AR menu for the Grott bar. Watch the reel, feel the vibe.
Various AR fun
Production by JetXR
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